Good decisions

Decisions affect your life. Making different decisions will result in different outcomes for you. As for education, I would encourage people to try to improve their knowledge and skills as much as possible, and not just lazing around wasting their time and life. Knowing more wouldn’t hurt. Learning more wouldn’t hurt. In fact, knowing more will allow you to capitalize on more opportunities in the future.

You will be able to see the opportunities and take actions. At least go for a bachelor’s degree program to be on par with the rest in the market. It is a norm to have a bachelor’s degree now. Companies use that as the minimum benchmark. If you are more ambitious, go for the EMBA programs. Or even better, get the phD and call yourself a Doctor from then on.

2 Biggest Benefits Of EMBA Courses

Of course, other than costing a lot, a part time executive MBA in Singapore can help you get ahead of your peers due to many reasons and with its benefits.

The following are some of the very biggest benefits that you can ever have from investing in a EMBA program at a local or perhaps, international business school.

1) It brings you a lot of networking opportunities. When you enroll in an EMBA program, you get to have other high level and experienced executives alongside you, sharing ideas, knowledge, connections and many other benefits you will only be able to get with very few networking events – except that your connections derived from this course will be much deeper and stronger.

2) You are able to apply the knowledge and skills you learn from your weekend part time program immediately when you get to work on Mondays or the other days you work. Unlike a usual full time business program, you learn part time and thus are able to apply the things you learn nearly immediately. Immediate application will also help you excel better.

Top 3 Things You Learn In EMBA Courses

A part time EMBA course can help you learn many hard and soft skills with your business or managerial work.

The following are some of the best things a part time EMBA Singapore can help you learn.

1) People management – you need to know how to manage the people at your workplace. Regardless whether you are managing only a handful of people or an entire company with employees, people management is crucial.

2) Judging business plans – Although an entrepreneur and a napkin idea is great, that is more ideal for finding co-founders, but if you want investors on board with lots of money, then you need to be able to come up with, vet and present the best business plan you can ever have and an executive MBA course can help you with that.

3) Cash flow management – This is one of the most crucial things in a business. Whether you are a non-revenue startup burning through investors’ cash or you are a brick or click and mortar business, you will need to know the skills needed to manage and control your cash flow. Run out of cash and your business is gone.

So the above are some of the most important things you will get to learn in a part time EMBA program.

Worst 10 Business Mistakes – Stanford Video

One of the most common things you may experience as an entrepreneur will be mistakes, other than constant rejection by both investor and prospects.

Some mistakes are deadly and will kill a business even in its infancy, while others are minor mistakes which you will still do well to avoid. What better way to learn about entrepreneurship and business than watching the above video by Stanford? Possibly enroll yourself in an EMBA program.

If you do not have the time and luxury or money to spend on an executive MBA, then perhaps learning from videos on YouTube put up by leading business schools and businessmen of the world will be a good second choice.

Where To Get Your Executive MBA?

Where should you get your executive MBA? Does it really matter or does only the school matter? In the following post we give this often-asked question a good looking into.

Yes it does matter! Do you know why? First you need to remember that EMBA programs are more for people to network and learn applicable knowledge and skills, not so much for the reputation and accreditation – that is for MBAs.

This also translates to a huge importance for the people you mix around with being a big part of your educational journey. This is the exact reason why you need to choose a business school and program conducted at a great place – Singapore’s awesome for that due to it being the financial and business hub of South East Asia and most of Asia as well.

Getting your executive MBA in Singapore will be a fantastic idea. You get to network with a lot of expatriates from all around the world with diverse business backgrounds.

As Singapore also has protective banking laws and low taxes as well, it serves as a fantastic place to jump start your career and business education.

Which EMBA Program Is Best?

So you have been convinced by my previous posts that getting a business education program right away is very important for your career success. You have also looked at both types of courses and made your choice between EMBA and MBA.

Thus you are now looking at EMBA programs and want to find out which is better, so here I give you a quick breakdown on 1, how to choose a good program, 2 some good programs.

1) Criteria For Choosing A Great Executive Course (alternatively check out Financial Times article on choosing a great EMBA part time program.

  • Alumni network
  • Enrollment requirements (affect quality of students)
  • History of the course and school
  • Reputation and ranking of the school

2) Recommended courses

There are 3 universities in Singapore which are locally owned and operated which administer EMBA programs and they are NTU, NUS and SMU.

There are many more private institutions such as Rutgers, Temple, Insead e.t.c. who carry out such programs too.

Part Time EMBA Or Full Time MBA?

Should you take a full time MBA or a part time EMBA program at a local Singapore business school?

There are proponents for each, and accordingly, both have their benefits.

Here is a quick breakdown.

If you are looking for something to supplement what you already know, and are looking more to network and like to concentrate on your current career already, then getting a part time executive MBA Singapore course will be more appropriate for you.

On the other hand, if you are still very young and are not sure what exactly you want to do – career wise yet, then you could go for a full time MBA program, learn more and decide later.

Usually, an MBA course is for people who have barely embarked on their professional career journey yet, and thus is more for learning, just like college. However, an EMBA course is meant for networking and immediate application of knowledge, that is why it is also usually held on a part time basis. It also has more stringent work experience requirements for enrollment.

Getting Your Business Education Today

Why should you get your business education now?

If you are an ambitious person and want to supercharge your career success, then it is important to learn as much as you can – both hard and soft skills to kickstart and move your career up the ladder or build your own business as fast as you can.

If you are familiar with the compounding effect of interest, you will appreciate the importance of getting successful quick. This is also the reason why many professional executives turn to and enroll in EMBA programs by business schools.

EMBA programs teach you soft skills needed to succeed and because it allows you to take it on a part time basis, you are able to apply the business skills and knowledge you learn almost immediately!